INDISOL, a software development company, since 2011. A company with a vision to create unique, useful software product to service sectors. We are focused about our range of services. It's all about packaging your product to the audience through our streamline, calculated procedure. We are not different from others, but we think differently.

Being in a mechanical process, we can only be procedural. To be active, we need to change. We need to be aggressive, dare, innovative, responsive with respect to time.

Do you think changes or updation needed in you company ?

Let's take a productive step. Let's make a complete digital profile of your business for more revenue generating; so that, nationally and internationally your brand will do the business.

We are specialize in website and business software or ERP system along with digital marketing advantage. We are ready to provide wide range of technical coverage. We are active round the clock to prove your business product, as a brand, to your clients.

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Domain Hosting
Responsive Design
Fastest Development
Quickest Updation
Reasonable Maintenance
Mobile Apps


Extreme Analysis
Responsive Design
Hack Proof Security
Training Manual
Yearly Maintenance
Mobile Apps

Digi. Marketing

Strategic Marketing
SE Marketing
Online Questionnaire
Response Boosting
Social Marketing
Print & Brand Promo


Generic Approach
Desired Module
360 degree Security
Less Price
Version Updation
Mobile Apps

Client's Corner

Mr. Basabjit Raha:
Director: TCHS
INDISOL has done a great job. They have made our system operation very easy. Thanks

Mr. D S Sugara:
MD & CEO: Easy Care
I appreciate, indisol for its consistent support and challenging attitute to deliver the solution.
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